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Dr. Maddie Ryan

Dr. Madison Ryan grew up in Helena as Maddie Parker, graduating from Capital High School in 2012.  She went on to Carroll College, graduating in 2016 with a bachelor's degree in Anthrozology with a focus in the Human-Animal Bond.  She then moved on to Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine, as part of the WIMU regional program for Montana's professional veterinary students to attend graduate school at WSU.  While in veterinary school, Dr. Ryan worked as a pharmacy assistant for WSU College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Ryan graduated with her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from WSU in 2020.  

While attending Carroll College she also worked at Alpine Animal Clinic as a Veterinary Technical Assistant from 2014 to 2018, where she met her then future husband, Dr. Paul Ryan.  Juggling veterinary school with his military commitment and deployments including to Iraq, they eventually settled in North Carolina for 3 years and Dr. Maddie Parker worked for Animal Hospital of Lewisville while Dr. Paul Ryan was stationed nearby.  Just after their long awaited wedding in Summer 2023, Dr. Paul Ryan began his Master's Degree at Carroll College in Fall 2023, bringing them back home to Helena.  We're thrilled to have both Drs. Ryan home in Helena once again! 


Alpine Animal Clinic is so pleased Dr. Maddie Ryan is once again a part of our hospital.  


Welcome back, Dr. Maddie Ryan!

Dr. Madison Ryan can be reached at

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