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Behavior:  Frustrating and Destructive

We can help you solve some of the most difficult and frustrating behaviors in dogs and cats.  Frequently, pet owners are unaware they are accidentally reinforcing the unwanted behaviors through rewards and special attention during displays of negative behavior.  


A consultation with one of our Alpine Animal Clinic veterinarians can help you learn to avoid reinforcing unwanted behavior and to encourage positive, desired behaviors with training techniques, sometimes with the aid of prescription veterinary medication.


Some of the most common problems are:

  • Soiling the house with urine or feces

  • Aggression toward other cats within the house

  • Biting and scratching aggressively

  • Hiding and fearful

  • Destroying furniture, drapes and carpets with scratching

  • ... and many others. 

A fearful or angry cat can be helped with understanding reasons behind the fear.
Chewing and destructive behavior is one of the most common reasons pets lose their happy home.
Learning how what you do is interpreted by your pet is the biggest factor in behavior.

Treatments can include behavior modification, socialization and various training techniques.


In some of the most serious cases, prescription vet medications may be used to help your pet become more comfortable and receptive to behavior modification.


Each case is unique and might require an in-depth look at how your pet arrived to the problems you are having today to decide how best to proceed.  


Call 406-449-7155 to schedule your appointment today.

Veterinary medications can help difficult behavior cases.
Biting hands, growling, and barking at their humans is unacceptable behavior that can be corrected.


Some of the most common problems are:

  • Chewing or destroying bedding, furniture, and carpets

  • Soiling the house with urine or feces

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Urinating submissively

  • Running away from yard or while off leash

  • Jumping up on people

  • Growling or barking inappropriately

  • Aggression toward other dogs or people...and many more.

It can be helpful to have medications for challenging problems.
Vet medications can help modify behavior and facilitate training to eliminate troublesome behavior.
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