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Employment Opportunities

Veterinary work is fun, fast-paced, and requires ability to multitask with a smile.

Working in a veterinary hospital is exciting, fun, fast-paced and very hard work.  It requires a good sense of humor, a strong commitment, and love for helping others.  


Not only do we work extensively with animals, but spend most of our time working with people, families, and our community.  This job requires a love of helping people, as well as working with a team who share the goal of giving excellent patient care and excellent client service.

Regardless of official job title, all of us in veterinary medicine have the main job of giving support, help, information, and guidance to all sorts of ordinary, and extraordinary situations.  We help meet the needs, desires and problems for families all shapes and sizes.  Often we lend a hand, and perhaps even a shoulder to cry on, and we get to share in the love and joy brought to families by their animal family members.

While professional veterinary experience is not required, experience with animals is required.  We happily train all levels of experience, skill and interest.   Finding the best veterinary team includes having many differing backgrounds and points of view.  

If this job sounds like it's for you, we'd love to hear from you!


Remember, you must:

  • be 18 years or older

  • be physically fit

  • able to lift up to 40 pounds frequently

  • able to work quickly in a fast-paced atmosphere

  • able to walk and stand for extended periods

  • have computer skill and ability to type 35 wpm

We work together as a team to accomplish most things, so if you're more of a solitary worker, then perhaps veterinary medicine is not for you.  But, if all this sounds exciting and right for you, please, fill out the contact form below!  We'd love to hear from you and how we fit in with your long-term plans for your career.

Success! Message received. Don't forget to send us your resume and cover letter detailing why you're the best choice for the position.

We will contact you soon after we receive your message.  


We'll be asking for:

  • your resume detailing your experience 

  • cover letter detailing your unique talents applicable to the job 

  • your professional references

  • your computer and typing skills 

Don't forget to make sure we can leave a message for you should you be unavailable when we call. 

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