What can we do to treat kidney disease?

Prescription foods to:

  • increase appetite

  • maintain weight

  • reduce nausea

  • improve longevity and quality of life

Medications to: 

  • improve kidney circulation and function

  • reduce stomach irritation and improve comfort

  • improve appetite and reduce weight loss

  • improve quality of life 

  • increase longevity and life span

  • improve anemia

Fluids to:

  • restore hydration

  • improve circulation, thereby cardiac (heart) output, kidney function, and body temperature

  • restore electrolyte balance

  • improve calorie maintenance

  • restore comfort and energy

As kidney disease progresses, prescription "IV fluids" can offer many more months of high-quality life to patients.  Fluids can be easily given at home under the skin subcutaneously ("SubCu") with a needle or, they can be given through a small Port (no needles!) that is easily inserted by your veterinarian at Alpine Animal Clinic.


For photos and a description of this easy, quick long-term solution to give prescription fluids, see below.

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