How to help your diabetic dog or cat:


Get an accurate diagnosis with blood and urine testing.


Work with your Alpine Veterinarian right here in Helena to choose the correct insulin and syringes for your pet's needs.


Be careful to not use other types of insulin or syringes without asking your veterinarian first!   Many types exist and it can be dangerous, even life-threatening to your pet, to change types.


Carefully feed measured meals of prescription food and avoid giving snacks, treats, or other foods that are not prescribed by your veterinarian.


Be sure to store insulin in the refrigerator and do not shake the bottle. Gently roll the bottle to suspend the insulin just prior to drawing up the prescribed dose accurately.


​Give the insulin dose at the same time each day with meals. If your pet is not eating it is time for a recheck with your veterinarian to be sure your pet is not having problems.


​If your pet is overweight, reduction of calories and weight loss can be a very big help in controlling diabetes. Be sure to plan a goal weight and timeline for your pet's body type.

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