Alpine Animal Clinic has a veterinarian on call 24 hours a day to help with any dog or cat emergency, and we are available 365 days a year, no matter who your regular Helena vet may be.  Just call our main number:  (406) 449-7155.


Some of the most important emergency features are:

  • Intensive Care Unit for continuous monitoring and environmental control when it counts most--in cases of head trauma, heat stroke, heart failure, asthma, blood loss, or near-drowning​

  • State-of-the-art Surgical Facility

  • ​In-house complete Laboratory and Pharmacy for fast, accurate answers and treatments​ for when it counts most

  • High-quality digital X-ray, Ultrasound, and CT Scanning to help you make the best decisions for your family

  • ​​Isolation for severe infectious disease-- our isolation area is spotless, warm, and comfortable

  • Ability for 24 hour staffing

We have the ability to do:

  • Blood Transfusions

  • Critical care in an automated Intensive Care Unit

  • Oxygen Therapy

  • Isolation

  • Fracture repair and orthopedic surgery

  • Severe trauma surgery

  • C-section delivery

  • Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus (bloat) surgery

  • Eye trauma surgery

  • Long-term recovery medical boarding and rehabilitation

  • ...and much more.

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1801 Cedar Street

Helena,  MT  59601

Call:  406-449-7155

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1801 Cedar Street

Helena,  MT  59601

Call:  406-449-7155

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