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Chocolate Toxiticity Calculator

Chocolate is LOVED by most dogs, and is readily available in candy, cake and brownie mixes, and drinks.  Dark chocolate and bakers chocolates are the most toxic to dogs, while milk chocolate and chocolate flavorings are less so.

Common ways dogs find chocolate are:

  • groceries in the car

  • wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree

  • Easter baskets

  • Valentine boxes

  • countertops with mixes or baked goods

  • parties, picnics and gatherings 

The important parts of the equation are type of chocolate, amount consumed, size of dog, and health or medical condition of the dog.  


Most packaging contains valuable information regarding quantities and type of chocolate contained in products, and should be with you when you call your veterinarian or head to the vet hospital.  Also, don't forget the wrappings are also dangerous to pets, as these are indigestible and can cause intestinal obstruction or blockage.

Listed here is a quick calculator so you can see how likely it is that your dog will have a serious reaction.


Alpine Animal Clinic veterinarians are always available to Helena, Montana and surrounding area patients if you need to have your dog seen on emergency.  


Be sure to bring your wrappers with you to our hospital by gathering all pieces and fragments of the wrapper to piece back together.  This may save your dog from needing diagnostic imaging for intestinal obstruction, and aids in calculating toxicity risk by our veterinarian.

Chocolate is toxic to dogs.  Find out how much is too much.
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