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Heartworm Disease

Symptoms of Heartworm Disease

Early signs:

  • Lower energy

  • Lethargy

  • Soft coughing

  • Heart murmur

Later signs:

  • Weight loss

  • Rapid or difficult breathing

  • Rounding shape of chest or belly

  • Allergic reaction

  • Collapse

  • Death

Heartworm is here in Montana.

It's time to protect your best friend.

3 drops of blood.

10 minute test.

It's that easy.

This 6 year old Schnauzer is from Helena.  She was born in Montana and has never left our state.  She contracted Heartworm in Lewis & Clark County.


Shown in the photo below is one of the heartworms found swimming in her blood, as seen under the microscope.

Shown below the blood sample is her positive heartworm test.  


Thank you to her family for giving permission to share her case to help others.

Schnauzer tests positive heartworm in Helena, Montana.
Heartworm microfilaria swimming within the blood of this patient, as seen under the microscope.

Heartworm microfilaria swimming through red blood cells in blood sample taken from patient shown here.  This Image was taken through the lens of a microscope.

Image courtesy of Dr. Heidi Wampler, 

Alpine Animal Clinic, 2017.

Positive Heartworm test of the same patient shown with blood sample, above.


Patient images & case 

shown with permission.  

Images taken by Dr. Heidi Wampler, Alpine Animal Clinic, 2017.

A positive Heartworm blood test.

Heartworm can now be found in Montana. Heartworm is carried from dog to dog by mosquitos and can be devastating. Prevention is key to protect the function of the heart, rather than try to deal with heartworm’s destruction. Heartworm is definitely a disease where “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  Act now to protect your dog before they contract deadly heartworm!

It is important to be sure your dog is not positive for heartworm before beginning prevention and the medications for heartworm are only available by prescription from your veterinarian. A quick blood test can tell if your dog has been exposed to heartworm, and your veterinarian can prescribe a product that is best for you and your dog.

Frequently, it is mistakenly assumed heartworm prevention is not needed during the winter, but this is false. Any time the temperature is above 32 degrees is an opportunity for heartworm to infect your dog. Our Helena area is wonderful with its many waterways and lakes, but it takes only the smallest amount of water, such as your dog’s water dish, to spread heartworm disease.


Ensure your dog is Heartworm-free with a quick, easy and inexpensive test at Alpine Animal Clinic, and get your dog protected today!

Positive Heartworm test from a dog that has never left Montana.

Another Positive Heartworm test obtained from a different dog who has never left Montana.  

Image taken at

Alpine Animal Clinic, Helena, MT.

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